My kids were born less than two years apart and we read this book when number two was on the way. 

My main concerns were my first child getting jealous of the baby and me not being able to juggle the demands of a newborn and a toddler. This book is packed with common sense (we may lose sight of during the early parenting days)  for parents to not completely lose their mind!

I'm not saying it made the early months of being a parent of two kids under two easy. But it helped somehow make them a little more manageable. Some of the tips have been a great help to us (of course we didn't apply them all) and I am pleased to report that my son never got jealous of his little sister, quite to the contrary, being very protective of her from the moment he met her.


This successful outcome is not all to the book's credit but part of it is. 


By Leo, Founder & Director of Canary Wharf Kids and Mum of two.

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