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Hello and a warm welcome to Canary Wharf Kids!


Canary Wharf Kids is a qualitative information hub created with the sole purpose to enrich and inspire childhood.

We strive to enrich childhood by exposing children and their families to a wide range of activities and experiences that we constantly research (whether it is through our Activities, Outdoors, Education, Events and Holiday-Specials, Work Experience  or Healthcare  sections).

We also strive to meet and interview inspirational personalities who are excelling in their chosen field. Through our Blog, we invite them to share how they got where they got to, which hurdles they have had to overcome and how they overcame them. Our goal is to arm kids with a knowledge and awareness which might not necessarily be available at school.  These interviews are designed to  bring valuable advice for children and their parents. Sometimes, they also help gain precious time in the journey through childhood.

Some families are luckier than others. Some children grow up in challenging environments.

At the end of the day, it just takes one encounter, one experience or one piece of information to plant a seed in a child’s mind and to let it germ.

If Canary Wharf Kids can help sow these seeds, then our mission is accomplished.

Here’s to a fulfilled journey from childhood to adulthood!




At Canary Wharf Kids, we put quality at the heart of everything that we do and do not publish information if we deem it not beneficial to children or by extension, their families.

To generate revenue, we sometimes collaborate with sponsors. The integrity of the content that is published on Canary Wharf Kids is our top priority. We will never lie or distort the truth to please a sponsor as we value and respect our readers.


We are pleased to communicate about positive experiences that we think will be enjoyed by children and their families. We have the benefit of the kids at the heart of everything that we do and this always comes first.



By all means do say Hello if you’re in the mood! We’d love to know what you think about us or hear about activities or services that you think will benefit the Canary Wharf Kids! 

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy navigating Canary Wharf Kids as much as we love producing it.

This is me as Elsa.


who's behind this?

Hi! It's me...

I'm a mum who's been living in Canary Wharf since 2003, when it was just meadows and unpaved roads. Well, sort of. 

At the time I used to enjoy my work commute on the Thames Clipper to the City, leading a team as a Marketing and Communications professional.  

Two children later, and having waved good bye to the City, most of my time has been spent searching for the right activities to suit the children, embracing the great location of Canary Wharf, which provides endless opportunities for cultural, sportive, outdoors and educational activities. Then came the schools. And there's always a moment of real worry when a mum needs a good doctor's name. Or to glean ideas about how to spend the next half term.


After years of researching what to do or where to go, I have finally decided to pack and present all this information into ONE place, to simplify the life of the families living in and around Canary Wharf. 

Knowledge is power.

And Canary Wharf Kids was born.


Canary Wharf K I D S 

36 Westferry Circus  I  Canary Wharf  I  London



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